Better Can’t Make Your Life Better



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Info Label: Sundazed Music LP-5594RT
Media Condition: M
Sleeve Condition: M
Genre: Rock, Pop, Indie
Notes: 2021 Rough Trade exclusive reissue pressed on limited edition yellow vinyl. New, unopened.

If you like: a marriage of British invasion with late ‘90s shoegaze, look no further–this album is the one for you.
About: The highly influential band Lilys is the constantly changing concept vehicle of Kurt Heasley whose harmonically complex songwriting has resulted in six albums and five EPs. The nomadic Heasley refers to Lilys different periods as Epochs I, II and III. Through him and the rotating players in Lilys, the musical style and approach shifts continually. The early recordings or Epoch I, include 1992’s stunning, noise laden debut album In the Presence of Nothing and the etheric sophomore album Eccsame the Photon Band. Lilys’ first seven-inch single “February Fourteenth” was released on Slumberland Records in 1991, ETPB marks Kurt Heasley’s Lilys shift to a slower, moodier, and more spaced-out sound. Epoch I continues in the same year with the mini LP, A Brief History of Amazing Letdowns, on which Lilys refashion themselves as a dream infused experimental noise pop group. Shortly thereafter, Epoch II is born as a now Boston-based Heasley delivers Better Can’t Make Your Life Better, and with it evidence of a strong British Invasion. Epoch II recordings go on to include The Services (For the Soon to Be Departed) EP, Zero Population Growth EP and The 3-Way. The new millennium dawns and with it a Philadelphia based Epoch III including the Selected EP, Precollection and Everything Wrong Is Imaginary. Do new Lilys recordings including the song “Unheard of Curiosities” foreshadow the coming of yet another Lilys Epoch? Only time will tell...and we all know there is no time.*via Lilys 
A favorite track: Paz en el hogar