The Easybeats


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Info Label: Albert Productions APLP-057
Media Condition: VG+
Sleeve Condition: VG
Genre: Rock, Beat, Garage
Notes: Very nice copy, neat info about each song on reverse of sleeve.

If you like: Them or Manfred Mann, this one’s for you!
About: The Easybeats occupy a unique place in the pantheon of 1960’s British rock acts. For starters, they were Australian, except that they really weren’t–they met in Sydney alright, and being based in Australia with the talent they had gave them a leg-up over any of the local competition. But lead singer Stevie Wright originally came from England (although he'd been in Australia for some years), and bassist Dick Diamonde hailed from the Netherlands, as did guitarist Harry Vanda, while the others, guitarists George Young and drummer Gordon “Snowy” Fleet, were recent arrivals from Scotland and England–most significantly, Fleet was Liverpool born and raised, and had been a member of The Mojos, one of that city's more promising bands of 1963 and 1964. They all had talent, but he had a sense of style and an idea of what worked in rock & roll; it was Snowy Fleet who came up with the name “The Easybeats”, and the sharp image for the early group, which made them a piece of authentic Brit-beat right in the heart of Sydney, 13,000 miles from Liverpool and as precious there as water on a desert.
    Working from originals primarily written by Stevie Wright, by himself or in collaboration with George Young, the group’s early records (especially the albums) were highly derivative of the Liverpool sound, which was fine by all concerned. What made it special was the sheer energy that the quintet brought to the equation–they were highly animated in the studio and on stage, they looked cool and rebellious, and they sang and played superbly. *via Bruce Eder, Rovi
Why it’s worth your time: Perhaps one of the best albums of the 60’s beat era. Perhaps better than many of their contemporaries’, even The Beatles’ (shhh you didn’t hear it from me) albums, Easy is a bit rough around the edges and uninhibited by corporate standards thus boasting a fiery lack of self-consciousness–although that was just the way The Easybeats tended to operate. An album that will get you hooked from first listen and keep you coming back for many more.    
A favorite track: It’s So Easy