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Info ISSN: 2690-1269
Issue: Issue 3: The Road Trip Issue
Date: Summer 2021
Notes: 128 pages, perfect bound, printed on matte paper.

About the publication: Our biannual magazine is where we tell in-depth travel stories and wrap them in a fun design. Each issue explores the country through one theme which we use to share immersive stories from a variety of voices and perspectives. You can expect in-depth features, essays, oral histories, roundtables, Q&As, photo essays, travelogues, hotel reviews, travel tips, cool products, under-the-radar city guides, and more. *via Fifty Grande
About the issue: In the pages of the Road Trip Issue, you’ll find info and inspiration to help you figure out where to go on your next trip. The classic road trip experiences that defined generations are awaiting our mass return. Highlighted are eight quintessentials that are just as relevant today as ever. If you’re looking for a different kind of route, we explore two American icons–I’m talking about Tennessee’s whiskey and Wisconsin’s cheese–and have recommendations for classic summer and fall getaways, perfect places for weekend treks. There’s good news to celebrate in this issue as well: new hotels are opening. We’ve highlighted 10 notables along with photo essays, guides, recommendations and everything else you could want to dream and go on your next road trip.*via Fifty Grande   
Why it’s worth your time: Perhaps one of the things that goes best with great music is a long, sticky drive sans-a/c–when the windows are down and your sunglasses-clad face is hit with strands of hair every few seconds. Or perhaps music goes well with any long drive to any destination, so long as there can be one. If you’re itching to hit the road by any means, but lack inspiration after such a long time without travel, you need this magazine to help you fall in love with the overlooked and charming corners of the USA. Americana obsessors rejoice!