here they come!

Paul Revere & The Raiders


Sold Out

Info Label: Columbia CL 2307
Media Condition: VG
Sleeve Condition: VG
Genre: Rock, Garage
Notes: "High fidelity" mono.

If you like: Them, meet American garage-rockers Paul Revere & The Raiders.
AboutThough mostly comprised of covers, Here They Come! is a diamond in the rough. Or maybe moreso a rough, yet glimmering rock itself. Rarely does a band characterized by unrestrained energy on stage effectively translate that to a recording, but The Raiders do so effortlessly well. The first half of Here They Come! was indeed recorded from live performances that were catalogued by Columbia for two years until The Raider’s appearance on tv show, Where The Action Is. The results are a first side that crackles with vivacious R&B-steeped garage rock and a second that charms with a coarser take on ‘60s pop stylings akin to Them Again-era Them.
Why it’s worth your time: Aside from the wonderfully entertaining (and very truthful) tale of Paul Revere printed on the back of the record, this album is an honest take on garage rock. Its seemingly incoherent dichotomy actually presents itself as a brilliant and insightful complement few can achieve.
A favorite track: Fever