it’s a passion thing

Issue 4


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Info ISSN: 2664-2018
Issue: Issue No. 04
Date: 2021
Notes: 96 pages, perfect bound. Printed in Austria.

About the publication: It’s A Passion Thing is an independent journal about people driven by passion and redefining success. *via It’s A Passion Thing
About the issue:
Arianna Bavuso–on introducing her passion for beauty in architecture and and how it leads to a better quality of life. Antony Cointre–on how to become an amazing chef instead of a scared actor. Anekdot– on the importance of what you wear against your skin. Reform–an affordable kitchen with outstanding design didn’t exist until Jeppe and Michael started their brand. Tandem Roastery–on combining a shared passion for good coffee, great vinyl and friendly people. Cédric Chauvaud–on how watching your kids play leads to inventing new technologies used from Hollywood to Mars. Tomihiro Kono–from the traditional art of Geisha hairstyling to creating wigs for fashion shows and brands. Martina Kudcláček interviewed by Peter Schernhuber–directing documentaries about avant-garde cinema and the love for archival work. Martino Di Napoli Rampolla–on turning a family Palazzo into a space for artists, visitors and travelers from all over the world including the city you live in. Emily Elyse Miller–on exploring new ways of doing business and communicating with her cereal brand OffLimits.*via It’s A Passion Thing   
Why it’s worth your time: It seems that success in this day and age is often driven by empty, cold, and even corrupt motivations. So much so that the word has been discounted by the lot of us for its exhausting conotation of dishonesty and ruthlessness. Maybe our perception of success has warped into one of fame and wealth, rather than of happiness and love. Maybe this magazine will help you realize the opportunity and freedom in the latter. When we’re driven by passion, our sense of success shifts. Its meaning takes on a different weight and becomes of a different essence in our lives.