It’s Time

Don Muro


Sold Out

Info Label: Sine Wave Records SWRL 0077
Media Condition: VG
Sleeve Condition: VG
Genre: Rock, Electronic, Jazz
Notes: Original 1977 pressing. Signed by Don Muro on back! Solid, clean copy. Jacket has subtle wear and discoloration from age.

If you like: experimental and funky synth rock with progressive leanings–à la Sensations Fix or the library music of Klaus Weiss or even the cheerful tunes of current-day-favorites Video Age–it’s time for you to meet this album. 
About: Originally self-released in 1977, synthesizer pioneer Don Muro’s It’s Time is the singular work of one man combining his skills as a trained musician with a truly creative spirit and the somewhat unmarketable insistence that all of these different styles of music would make up his debut album. While this kind of genre hopping can often take away from an album’s coherence, It’s Time works as a whole because these are such well-crafted and interesting songs. At times playfully fun, at times beautifully earnest, It’s Time is consistently engaging for its
entire 42 minutes. Muro’s sincere love of what he is creating shines through whether it’s a catchy, triumphant rock anthem, a subtly emotive instrumental synthesizer piece or an intense fusion dance jam.
    Having spent much of his life teaching others about the latest music technology through his books, videos, classes and seminars, Muro’s influence on electronic music is immeasurable. His demonstration compositions for the legendary Korg M1 helped to make it the world’s best selling synthesizer. The recipient of several ASCAP
composition awards, Muro’s music has been performed everywhere from New York's St. Patrick's Cathedra (where he presented the cathedral's first synthesizer concert) to Disneyland.*via Don Muro
A favorite track: Sweet Little Thing