Los Angeles Standards

Caroline and Cyril Desroche


Sold Out

Info ISBN: 978-2-490140-32-9
Publisher: Poursuite Editions
Copyright: ©2021
Notes: 632 pages, silkscreened soft cover. 6.69 inches x 9.06 inches.

About the publication: Los Angeles Standards is a photographic portrait of Los Angeles which offers a way to view the city through 15 typologies which identify this unique city environment. The 1300 photographs were taken between 2008 and 2012 by French architects Caroline and Cyril Desroche during the years they live in Los Angeles. They are organized in order to compare and contrast the design archetypes that they have identified, including Mini-Malls, Billboards, Freeways, Parking Lots and Stilt Houses. Each picture is accompanied by its address for research and travel.
    This book aims to identify various standard elements which visually define Los Angeles. While the city is in a continual state of flux, becoming denser and re-defining its urban landscape every day, this book is also a record of the influence of its urban history on its present identity. *via Poursuite Editions
Why it’s worth your time: A meditation on the mundane, Los Angeles Standards is a great classification of not only Los Angeles, but of the foundation of the modern American landscape. Though much of the design archetypes featured have been American staples for over 50 years, the book provides a snapshot in a critical moment of our time–that of the intersection between a modern urban history and the impending changes in infrastructure that will be born of design informed by climate change.