Love Me Crazy



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Info Label: Anthology Recordings ARC 026
Media Condition: M
Sleeve Condition: M
Genre: Rock, Psychedelic, Progressive
Notes: First ever reissue of the rare 1977 Kitty Records release. Includes insert with rare artist photo and liner notes containing a 2015 interview with Leon "Ilian" Nahat.

If you like: Folk-infused soft rock with progressive leanings–in the vein of Jim Spencer, Salty Miller, Ned Doheny, or Dolphin–you will love this album crazy.
About: The first, artist authorized reissue of Ilian’s sole album, Love Me Crazy. Existing outside the celebrated circle of private press classics of late ‘70s America, Illian steers honest pop and progressive moods along the coast of California where Love Me Crazy was conceived.
    As a musician Ilian has backed Chuck Berry, Dottie West, played guitar with Zephyr after Tommy Bolin left, recorded with the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra, worked with Keith of “98.6” fame and much more. All the while, he was recording his own songs and firing them off to record labels.  *via Ilian
A favorite track: See What You See