Nazz Nazz



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Info Label: SGC SD 5002
Media Condition: VG+
Sleeve Condition: VG
Genre: Rock, Garage, Psychedelic
Notes: Preswell pressing. Red translucent vinyl. Plays very clean.

If you like: popular Brit rock, notably the sound of The Yardbirds or Cream, you’ll enjoy this one. (Bonus: if you’re a Todd Rundgren fan, this is an especially great pick for your collection!)  
About: Inspired by a variety of British Invasion groups, from the omnipresent Beatles to cult favorites the Move, Todd Rundgren and his Woody’s Truck Stop colleague Carson Van Osten formed The Nazz in 1967. Taking their name from an obscure Yardbirds song, The Nazz were arguably the first Anglophiles in rock history. There had been many groups that drew inspiration from the Beatles and the Stones, but none had been so self-consciously reverent as The Nazz. One of their first singles, “Open My Eyes”, twisted the riff from The Who’s “I Can't Explain” and much of their music felt like homages to Brit rock from The Kinks to Cream, thereby setting a precedent that was followed by scores of North American guitar pop bands from The Raspberries to Sloan.*via Stephen Thomas Erlewine
Why it’s worth your time: I think it’s always valuable to hear a solo artist at work in a collaborative setting–at a moment when their name isn’t quite yet at the forefront–especially one as notable as Todd Rundgren. Nazz Nazz is one of those special instances where we are lucky enough to receive such insight...the birth of a classic right before our ears.  
A favorite track: Under the Ice