Agustín Hernández


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Info ISBN: 978-84-09-18267-1
Publisher: Apartamento Publishing SL
Copyright: ©2020
Notes: 88 pages, hardcover. 9.7 inches x 7 inches.

About the publication: Born in 1924, Agustín Hernández came of age as an architect in Mexico as modernist ideas coalesced with a renewed pride in the country’s past. He was a frontrunner in combining the symbols, myths, and urban planning principles of pre-Columbian civilisations to create imposing architectural monuments that even today retain their avant-garde nature–from the military academy he built as a modern-day Mayan ceremonial ground to the remote meditation centre commissioned by his sister, based on the symbolism of the snake, and the studio-home that he built for himself in 1975: Praxis, a geometric treehouse that still towers over the Bosques de las Lomas neighbourhood of Mexico City.
    Original photography by Ryan Lowry. Texts by Tezontle Studio & Luis Orozco Madero, Carlota Pérez-Jofre, and Enrique Giner de los Ríos. *via Apartamento
Why it’s worth your time: Sometimes modernist designs can begin to bleed together and fall under a singular, uninspired category–refreshingly, that is one the works of Agustín Hernández do not fall under. Praxis is something of a grandiose brutalist dream, now captured by Apartamento’s signature intimacy and thorough, yet casual observations. Tour Praxis like never before in this lovely guide.