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Issue 9


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Info ISSN: 2711-9920
Issue: Issue 9 (+ supplement)
Date: 2021
Notes: 212 pages, perfect bound, softcover. Includes supplement, Chicago House Flyers 1991-2000, curated by Honey Dijon–68 pages, saddle stitch, softcover.

About the publication: Record Culture Magazine is a biannual print publication that shines a light on the people intrinsic to niche music communities around the world and their intersection with art, fashion, and culture.
    Founded in 2016 in Chinatown, New York, Record Culture Magazine features candid longform interviews and photography, providing an intimate view into our interviewees’ homes and studios. Each issue also includes curated archival features of musical ephemera and original illustrations.*via Record Magazine
About the issue: Featuring Bradley Zero, Sébastien Tellier, Yu Su, Gerd Janson, June Jones, The Twilite Tone, Eug, Vanessa Worm, Ana Roxanne, Oskar Mann, and the Beats in Space visual feature, “Postcards Through Time and Space”.  
Why it’s worth your time: With the intimacy of Apartamento, Record provides a rare and wonderful opportunity to not only explore niche music communities and meet the folks who are an integral part of them, but to visit their dwellings or studios.