Ritmo Ardiente

Hielo Ardiente


Sold Out

Info Label: Dicesa DIC/S-1001
Media Condition: G
Sleeve Condition: Generic, the cover is missing.
Genre: Latin, Funk, Soul
Notes: Ultra rare record from excellent El Salvadoran group. Beware: a deep, large scratch on Side B causes record to skip near the end of Track 3/beginning of Track 4. Audible surface noise overall.

If you like: Latin funk, this record is a very rare and desirable find for your collection.
About: Hielo Ardiente was a Salvadoran band formed in 1967 by Guillermo “Willy” Chávez (vocals, bass) backed by an original lineup of Armando Martinez (drums), Tomás “Chele” Villatoro (keys), and Pablo Chávez (guitar). National success for the band was near immediate upon release of their first LP.
Why it’s worth your time: Our policy is to only sell records that play G+ and above, but this find was too good to keep to myself...this is an album I love so much that I’m willing to overlook the skip on Side B just to be able to spin a physical copy–and I think that’s pretty telling.
A favorite track: Mensaje