Running Down The road

Arlo Guthrie


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Info Label: Reprise Records RS 6346
Media Condition: VG+
Sleeve Condition: VG
Genre: Rock, Folk, Country
Notes: 1969 Terre Haute pressing. Gatefold cover with light wear due to age. Record plays clean with very minor surface noise on near-silent moments.

If you like: folk rock classics from the likes of The Flying Burrito Brothers, CSN, and Neil Young, you’ll enjoy Running Down The Road.
About: Is it possible to be a one-hit wonder three times? The question is provoked by the recording career of Arlo Guthrie, which is best remembered for three songs in three different contexts. There is “The City of New Orleans,” Guthrie’s only Top 40 hit, which earns him an entry in Wayne Jancik’s The Billboard Book of One-Hit Wonders. There is also “Coming into Los Angeles,” which Guthrie sang at the legendary Woodstock music festival, and which featured prominently in both the Woodstock movie and multi-platinum soundtrack album. And there is “Alice’s Restaurant Massacree,” the comic-monologue-in-song that gave him his initial fame and took up the first side of his debut LP, the million-selling Alice’s Restaurant. Whether these successful tracks make him a one-, two-, or three-hit wonder, they were arguably both flukes in a performing career that was still going strong a full 40 years after Guthrie first gained national recognition and facilitators of that career. With their help, he spent 15 years signed to a major record label, charting 11 LPs, after which he was able to set up his own label and go on issuing albums. More significant, he maintained a steady following as a live performer, touring worldwide year after year to play before audiences delighted by his humorous persona and his musical mixture of folk, rock, country, blues, and gospel styles in songs almost equally divided between his own originals and well-chosen cover tunes. *via William Ruhlmann
A favorite track: Running Down The Road