Sneakers EP



Sold Out

Info Label: Carnivorous Records Cs-1
Media Condition: NM
Sleeve Condition: VG+
Genre: Rock, Power pop
Notes: 7" EP featuring six songs. Still a beauty after all of these decades–plays oh so clean.

If you like: a grittier brand of power pop, foreshadowing post-punk–akin to the sound of Dirty Looks, The Scruffs, or Present Tense-era Shoes–this EP from Sneakers is a must-listen. (Time Out loves Shoes and Sneakers!)
About: While The Sneakers never made much of an impact when they were together, the band marks the first appearance of several seminal figures of the alternative pop scene of the early ‘80s. Chris Stamey, Mitch Easter, and Will Rigby formed the core of The Sneakers, writing well-crafted, guitar-driven pop rockers; their self-titled debut EP was engineered by Don Dixon, who went on to be a successful producer, as well as a solo artist. After one excellent full-length album, The Sneakers broke up. Stamey and Rigby went on to form The dBs, one of the ‘80s’ best American guitar pop bands; Easter led Let’s Active, as well as becoming a record producer (including R.E.M.’s first two albums). However, The Sneakers are more than a historical curiosity–although they didn’t record very much, their album and EP contain some of the finest power pop of the late ‘70s.*via Stephen Thomas Erlewine
Why it’s worth your time: Though short-lived, it’s no doubt that Sneakers has made an impact in the music community–specifically laying down a solid structure for the freshly blossoming late ‘70s era of post-punk and still, for its contemporary revivalists (I can name at least ten bands I’ve seen play recently that must’ve been influenced by “Ruby” and “Nonsequitur” specifically). What’s more, Sneakers is an immaculate snapshot of the sheer talent of a young Stamey, Easter, and Rigby–an account of life before The dBs and Let’s Active that we’re lucky to hear.
A favorite track: Ruby