Something’s Going On



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Info Label: Discomate DSP-5116
Media Condition: NM
Sleeve Condition: NM
Genre: Rock, Pop, Soft rock, New wave
Notes: Japanese import! In excellent condition! Vinyl appears unplayed. Includes lyric insert (both in English and Japanese) also in excellent condition.

If you like: ABBA or if you’re simply an ‘80s pop enthusiast in the vein of Phil Collins, give this one a whirl. 
About: Frida is a Scandinavian vocalist best known as a member of the massively successful Swedish pop outfit ABBA. With her warm mezzo-soprano vocal range and striking auburn hair, Frida often worked in beautiful counterpoint to her blonde soprano ABBA bandmate Agnetha Faltskog. Though she began her career as a traditional folk-inflected singer in the 1960s, by the 1980s she had matured into a sophisticated and environmentally conscious pop icon. Though she has kept a discreet public profile since the late ‘90s, with her legendary status as a member of ABBA firmly intact, Frida remains an influential presence on the international music scene.*via Matt Collar
Why it’s worth your time: Released in 1982 (post-ABBA), Something’s Going On is a near clean break away from the sensational disco balladry and upbeat melodic hits of ABBA–with the exception of Frida and Phil Collins’ duet “Here We’ll Stay,” which seems to borrow something from Voulez-Vous, and the mildly jazzy “Baby Don’t You Cry No More”. Instead, Frida and producer Phil Collins lean into a glossier, lush new wave sound, punctuated by Collins’ iconic drumming and easily cut through with Frida’s dazzling vocals. An intriguing listen with many twists and turns, it’s an album that’s meant to be enjoyed cover to cover–and one that my mom approves of (get it before she does). 
A favorite track: I See Red