surfin’ usa

The Beach Boys


Sold Out

Info Label: Capitol Records SM-1890
Media Condition: G
Sleeve Condition: G+
Genre: Rock, Surf
Notes: Fraying on bottom, worn corners, rippled edges on back. Scratches on record, surface noise audible especially on Side 1.

If you like: surf rock, meet its founding fathers with this classic.
About: If Surfin' USA didn't literally transform America into an endless beach, it added vivid dimension to California mythos and took it further than anyone would have thought. You could call The Beach Boys’ version of Southern California cutesy or callow or whatever, but what matters is that it captured a lack of self-consciousness–a genuineness–that set them apart from their peers.*via The Beach Boys’ Smile by Luis Sanchez
Why it’s worth your time: Luis Sanchez put it best. One of the greatest traits an unseasoned band can possess is a youthful lack of self-consciousness–perhaps sometimes this can translate to a trite aloofness, but not here. Mostly, we are gifted with a rare brand of unadulterated honesty that can only come from this (perhaps) naïve perspective. And for this reason, Surfin’ USA is a seminal classic.   
A favorite track: Stoked