The Sweetheart Sampler

Frankie & Johnny


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Info Label: Warner Bros. Records BS 2675
Media Condition: VG+
Sleeve Condition: VG
Genre: Rock, Blues, Country
Notes: Gatefold cover, shows regular wear, left corner cut. Album plays clean.

If you like: country-tinged classic rock (the likes of Eagles), this is an album well worth hearing.
About: Former members of Al Kooper’s outfit, Frankie (Frank Ruby) on guitar and Johnny (John Paul Fetta) on bass create a delectable melding of country rock, blues, and boogie with a hard edge, in only a way New Yorkers can. Produced by Al Kooper, who also contributed some playing and vocals.
Why it’s worth your time: Summer is not summer until I’ve laid under the shade of a big tree and listened to some classic rock while a warm and sticky breeze rustles the leaves above, exposing kaleidescopic fragments of the blue sky. And this is exactly the type of album required for such a lazy activity. There’s not much more to say here, The Sweetheart Sampler is simply a solid exemplar of quality, 1970s-era rock. It’s a shame it’s so rare to find–“Mr. R.M.,” “Down the Line,” Kooper’s own “Life Line,” and “The Highway Song” are all songs I imagine would’ve been easily popular on the radio and later deemed classics. 
A favorite track: The Highway Song