Issue 5


Sold Out

Info Issue: Issue 5
Date: 2021
Notes: Published in Paris. 80 pages, perfect bound, 31cm x 22cm.

About the publication: A publication answering your simplest, most pretentious question–where is the cool?
About the issue: So where is the cool? Inside a secret villa in south of France. In the archives of Brut clothing. In the marks left on your butt by deckchairs. On a psychedelic Rolls Royce collection. And more!  
Why it’s worth your time: What more could you ask for? The mere existence of a magazine dedicated to what is cool should intrigue you, no? A must have for those seeking out a new, cooler self, skeptics, folks who love archival imagery, and people who are living, breathing encyclopedias. Cheers to all of us!