Time Out's Best of 2021 Part I

Best of 2021

The following is a list of nothing but the best–singles, albums, covers, comps, reissues–from 2021, in one spot. Our hope for this roundup of 100 picks is to inspire you to seek out physical copies of that which you fall in love with in order to find more opportunities to disconnect with the digital world in place of reestablishing an aural connection in the physical one. You can sample this list on Spotify to find something to love. 

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Old Peel by Aldous Harding
Buy Old Peel 

Another Side by Leo Nocentelli
Buy Another Side

Changing Colours by Babe Rainbow
Buy Changing Colours

A Shrug Of The Shoulders by Traffik Island
Buy A Shrug Of The Shoulders

Look at the Sky by Winds
Buy Look at the Sky

Dream by Madison McFerrin, Photay
Madison McFerrinPhotay

Due North by Liam Kazar
Buy Due North

Just A Minute by Lee Baggett
Buy Just A Minute

Fault Line Serenade by Evan Cheadle
Buy Fault Line Serenade

Limes by Liam Benzvi
Liam Benzvi

North Street Air by Holiday Ghosts
Buy North Street Air

Sympathy for Life by Parquet Courts
Buy Sympathy for Life

Vs. California by Semi Trucks
Buy Vs. California

Seaside by Spencer Cullum
Buy Coin Collection

Dreamworld by Redspencer
Buy Dreamworld

Academy Award by Dark Tea
Dark Tea

Heaven on the Faultline by Alex Bleeker
Buy Heaven on the Faultline

Good Morning It’s Now Tomorrow by Matt Maltese
Buy Good Morning It’s Now Tomorrow

Mercy by Natalie Bergman
Buy Mercy

Time Trials by Flowertown
Buy Time Trials

Myrtle Soup by John Myrtle
Buy Myrtle Soup

Other You by Steve Gunn
Buy Other You

New Day With New Possibilities by Sonny & The Sunsets
Buy New Day With New Possibilities

Cashes Out by Rubber Band Gun
Buy Cashes Out

Wah Wah by George Is Lord
(Single, Cover)
George Is Lord

Nice Try by Habibi
(EP, Cover)

Painting the Roses by Midnight Sister
Buy Painting the Roses

Driftless Dreamers: In Cuca Country via Numero Group
Buy Driftless Dreamers

Buddy by Hello, I’m Sorry
Buy Buddy

The Audition by Moon King
Moon King 

On Arrival by Kyle Edward Connolly
Buy On Arrival

Surrounded by Motorists
Buy Surrounded

On The Wind by Bobbie Lovesong
Buy On The Wind

7171 by Monde UFO
Buy 7171