Time Out's Best of 2021 Part II

Best of 2021

The following is a list of nothing but the best–singles, albums, covers, comps, reissues–from 2021, in one spot. Our hope for this roundup of 100 picks is to inspire you to seek out physical copies of that which you fall in love with in order to find more opportunities to disconnect with the digital world in place of reestablishing an aural connection in the physical one. You can sample this list on Spotify to find something to love. 

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The Umbrellas by The Umbrellas
Buy The Umbrellas

Bystander by Cool Sounds
Buy Bystander

Cool Dry Place by Katy Kirby
Buy Cool Dry Place

Endless Arcade by Teenage Fanclub
Buy Endless Arcade

Only Wanna See U Tonight by Young Guv
Pre-order GUV III

“Feel Flows” The Sunflower & Surf’s Up Sessions 1969-1971 by The Beach Boys
Buy Feel Flows

City Slicker by Ginger Root
Buy City Slicker

Fine Anyway (Habibi Funk 016) by Rogér Fakhr
Buy Fine Anyway

Cobra Poems by Daniel Romano
Buy Cobra Poems

Pulp by Born Ruffians
Buy JuiceBuy Squeeze

Moderation by Cate Le Bon
Pre-order Pompeii

Trip To Japan by The Shacks
The Shacks

3 by Mapache
(Album, Cover)
Buy 3

Enter The Zenmenn by The Zenmenn
Buy Enter The Zenmenn 

I Know I’m Funny haha by Faye Webster
Buy I Know I’m Funny haha

Still Life by Massage
Buy Still Life

It’s Confidential by BRONCHO
Buy It’s Confidential 

Paris II by Oracle Sisters
Buy Paris II

Freedom EP by Advertisement

Late Night Flyer/One Dimensional Man by Leong Lau, East-West Unity Band
(Single, Reissue)
Buy Late Night Flyer

Live In... New York City by Tex Crick
Buy Live In... New York City

So Far Behind by Color Green
Color Green 

Introducing... by Aaron Frazer
Buy Introducing...

Shadow by Slow Pulp
Slow Pulp

However Many Days by Atomic Blue
Buy However Many Days

Tale Of My Lost Love by Female Species
Buy Tale Of My Lost Love

Romantic Images by Molly Burch
Buy Romantic Images

Antique Glow (20th Anniversary Expanded Remaster) by Kelley Stoltz
Buy Antique Glow

Swan Songs by Lloyd Taylor-Clark
Buy Swan Songs

Time To Melt by Sam Evian
Buy Time To Melt

Cookbook by John Andrews & The Yawns
Buy Cookbook

Souvenir by Maston, L’éclair
Buy Souvenir