Time Out's Best of 2021 Part III

Best of 2021

The following is a list of nothing but the best–singles, albums, covers, comps, reissues–from 2021, in one spot. Our hope for this roundup of 100 picks is to inspire you to seek out physical copies of that which you fall in love with in order to find more opportunities to disconnect with the digital world in place of reestablishing an aural connection in the physical one. You can sample this list on Spotify to find something to love. 

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Private Space by Durand Jones & The Indications
Buy Private Space

Petunia by Tonstartssbandht
Buy Petunia

Fallacy Actually by Night Moves
Night Moves

Far In by Helado Negro
Buy Far In

Bloom Off The Rose by Always You
Buy Bloom Off The Rose

Let The Radio Play by Reverend Baron
Reverend Baron

Tobacco City, USA by Tobacco City
Buy Tobacco City, USA

Till Another Time: 1988-1996 by Linda Smith
Buy Till Another Time

Waysides by Bedouine
Buy Waysides

Barnyard by Good Morning
Buy Barnyard

La Luz by La Luz
Buy La Luz

Stay Away b/w Why by The Mystic Tide
(Single, Reissue)
The Mystic Tide

Septet by John Carroll Kirby
Buy Septet

Voyage Out by Floatie
Buy Voyage Out 

Lavender by Calvin Love
Buy Lavender

Sylvie by Sylvie

Let It Be (Super Deluxe) by The Beatles
Buy Let It Be

So Sweet So Nice by John Moods
Buy So Sweet So Nice

Things Take Time, Take Time by Courtney Barnett
Buy Things Take Time, Take Time

In Plain Sight by Neal Francis
Buy In Plain Sight

I Shall Wear A Crown by Pastor T. L. Barrett
Buy I Shall Wear A Crown

The Forgotten Edge by Molly Lewis
Buy The Forgotten Edge

Candlepower by Marina Allen
Buy Candlepower

Carnegie Hall 1970 (Live) by Neil Young
(Live Album)
Buy Carnegie Hall 1970

Stranger Again by Blue Cactus
Buy Stranger Again

Accelerator by The Convenience
Buy Accelerator

Couldn’t Seal The Deal by Rudy De Anda, BARDO
Rudy De Anda ,

Moonshine EP by Nightlands

Earth Trip by Rose City Band
Buy Earth Trip

Pastry by Jonny Kosmo
Buy Pastry

...Still Sad via Anthology
Buy companion, Sad About The Times 

Texas Music Forever by Cactus Lee
Buy Texas Music Forever 

New Positions by Family Time
Family Time

The Other Side of Life: Piano Ballads by Beach Fossils
Buy The Other Side of Life: Piano Ballads